Captina Creek Watershed 

USGS HUC 10 CODE - 0503010609




Contact Information

Abbey Hayward

Watershed Coordinator

Phone   (740) 526-0027



 The Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) is defined as the amount of a specific pollutant that a body of water

can assimilate and still meet water quality standard for its designated use.   

 In 2009 Ohio EPA biologists conducted a series of samplings and tests at various locations along Captina Creek and

its tributaries to determina TMDL for the stream.   The study evaluated water quality of Captina Creek by measure of fish

diversity and population (IBI and MIwb scores), macroinvertebrate diversity and population (ICI score) , habitat quality (QHEI

and HHEI scores) and water chemistry testing.  Click here to read OEPA's full report on their findings in Captina Creek

 published April of 2010.