Belmont Soil and Water Conservation District 

130 West Main Street * St. Clairsville, OH 43950 

Phone 740-526-0027

Mission Statement: To educate and assist present and future landowners in the wise use of our soil and water resources.


                      Conservation Matters Billboard Series

Find the billboard, call in with the location to be entered into a weekly t-shirt drawing!

1st Billboard (Barnesville/Morristown Area) in July 2018 2nd Billboard (Bridgeport) in Oct-Nov 2018                3rd Billboard (Barnesville/Bethesda) in Jan. 2019                  4th Billboard (St.Clairsville) in May 2019

Helpful Landowner Links/Documents:

TSI Vendors List

Tree Planting Vendors

Local Consulting Foresters List

OSAF Consulting Forester List

Contractors List

Pesticide Recertification and Agricultural Fertilizer Certification 

Restricted Pesticides List

Secondary Containment Information for Farms

ODA Forms and Applications!ut/p/z1/pZJLU4MwEID_iheOaSKUFrxh6_gYq-M4tSUXJ4UA0ZBgkoL-exc9-WjRaW7ZbHZ3vv0wxWtMFWtFyZzQikm4p3TyeBtfn19cjsnNbUISckfOwvmczILTcIxX-xLuJz6mf_lPdpyE_O3_jgQ_HOz_gCmmmXKNq3CqK6GPMq0cV-6Iq1IKW3lE58wjuWiFBSbWI0yJmklUcSYdPBfa1Lav0mQixynP_JxMow0K_ZijMY8niE2iEAXxOMiDMCt8Hu-fuh-L7oey6vsNcB-qcbWvQk8Odp-oTRCVmBpecMPNaGtAicq5xp54xCNd141YacSoBzcqdQuhBgg12jgmPfIR-Y7PaiERUznqmOMGAW7LTfshHLCFatlWuq0Bwo2WctvHEdtAbg1b-W2oSluI_5gFpwB5uhPy_BivWsE7vFSwQFD9_p87vCADHaaHdrgakhdg-GYxWwCMhrkKCVVovP7iJ15_-gmp4unlhSZgey_4KyA7QPemXi6XdRS8oedi4cJNWNaP89MbRNPIvgPZLIrH/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

Ohio Pipeline Standard and Construction Specifications
ODA DSWCD Agricultural Pollution Abatement Rule Book
Certified Laboratories to Perform Chemical Analyses on Drinking Water 
Certified Laboratories to Perform Microbiological Analyses on Drinking Water 
Ohio Burning Laws 
BMPS for Erosion Control for Logging Practices in Ohio 
Timber Harvest Notice of Intent Form 

Tick-borne Diseases 
Nuisance Trappers List 
Wildlife Rehabilitators List 
Soil Testing 
Soil Scientist Society of America List 
Ohio Department of Health Contractor List for Wells, Springs, Cistern, etc 
Ohio Noxious Weed List  
ODA Invasive Plants List  
Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative  
Web Soil Survey  
Ohio EPA Environmental Response, Investigation, and Enforcement 
Stream Restoration Guide 
       Introduction into Stream Management Guide 
       Restoring Streambanks with Vegetation 
       Ohio Watersheds and Drainage Maps 
       Recycling and Illeagal Dumping Resources 
       Log Jams and Debris Removal 
       Forested Buffer Strips 
Permit Checklist for Stream Projects 
       Ohio EPA Permits 
       US Army Corps of Engineers Permits 
The Watershed Game 
Watersheds 101 
Rock Your Watershed Game 
Learning About Watersheds 
Understanding Water Quality Reports 
What's Wrong With My Water 


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